I Am Enough!

It’s the toughest lesson to learn in life.  Especially when you are conditioned from a small child that you are not.  It’s something you have to remember daily and repeat to yourself all the time.  I recently watch a video that someone I just recently met in person led me onto! I will share the link to her work because it slapped me in the face.

My depression is due to the fact that I tell my brain that I am not enough.  It’s not the outside people my brain listens to, it is me.  It gives me exactly what I want…it always will.  My brain wills me to do what I want to have happened. So this belief I have picked up from others as I grew up…just because that is what I got, that is what I was conditioned to believe, that is not what it is.

Because I AM ENOUGH. It is something I must continue to tell myself on a constant basis till its second nature.  Till my brain understands that I believe I am enough.  Because I am enough.

I am enough for me.  I am enough for you.  I am enough for my parents.  I am enough for the film industry, I am enough for writing, I am enough for modeling.  I am enough for love.  I am enough as a parent, and a friend and for you reader, I am enough. Period.  I am enough.  I am enough I am enough I am enough.

These three words are so very powerful I am enough.  I feel already good.  I will continue, because reader, I am enough and so are you.  And if you believe this…but someone you know doesn’t or is having issues, it doesn’t matter what it is…it almost fits all categories of issues.  The underlying issue is that we feel we are not enough.  We are, just have to tell ourselves so we believe it.  Our self-talk is what our brains listen to, not the criticism of others…it’s our words to ourselves that does the damage.  I am enough.  I really am.  I am enough and so are you!

Be enough, tell yourself and just do it.  Write it in big letters on your wall.  It’s just a wall and can be painted over…you…you are you and need to see you are enough.  So write it big, write it bold.  I AM ENOUGH!  Write it everywhere, on post-it notes, on a mirror, write it all over your house until its second nature, until you believe it within the inch of your life.  Say it.  Say it out loud! Tell yourself now reader, I AM ENOUGH!

I am enough!  I am enough, I am enough,  I am enough.


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