About Me

I will share with you all that I am about.  I am an open book and truly believe if its too much information for you, then you truly do not want to know me.  Most of my articles depict a little bit about who I am, they hint just a touch in each story of who I possibly am, but just a hint.  I cant give it all away at once, its a lot to take, trust me, its me and sometimes is too much for even me! I am complicated at best.  I am not easily defined with one simple way of looking at things.  I am a mother, a daughter, a fighter, a lover, a good girl, a bad girl.  I am your best friend, your loyal customer, your dedicated resource.  I am a confidant, I am a soldier, at my essence an artist, a writer, a creator.  I am an actress and a model.  I am who you meet here once in awhile and I am Becoming Me!