A Story of COVID -19

*this is just a story-- In just as quick as a whip,He snapsThe blow is felt, it can’t be undoneThe adrenaline rushes,Panic sets inLife is changed forever The unimaginable happensFear takes holdSurvival is all that enters her headspace The moment is realizedSorries quickly appear on lips that just spouted hate The trembling begins Morning light … Continue reading A Story of COVID -19

French Toast

Because it makes you smile.  That is what my mom would say when she made me french toast when I was a young girl. That's how simple it is!  People complicate things and forget just how easy life is if we only remember the simple things.  Relationships they come and they go...and I think if … Continue reading French Toast


I didn't realize what I did, I didn't realize how many people I could have prevented from it happening to as well. #MeToo, because, me too! In fact, mine was made aware of all the women and men that followed me on my trip to Florida from Vancouver but I am not sure that everyone … Continue reading #MeToo