Its Not Meant To Be Easy

What was I thinking when I thought that if it is meant to be, it would be easy, if its meant to be, it can be done, no one ever promised me or you, it would be easy.  NOWHERE does it say this?  This is not law or even a promise… it is just something I think we wish for every now and again.

Hi reader, you haven’t heard from me because truth is told, I cry, I cry every single day. I cry cause it is tough to live your life for yourself without regrets because we cannot predict the future, not you, not I.  My addiction to controlling my life has hit a head. I can control my choices, but I cannot control the outcome. No-one ever promised me that I could, and I think I had forgotten it.  I still strive through, with each day, as it comes.  Some days are hard, and some days are just days and then there are those days that you always wish for.

I left a very unhappy marriage, I left and unfulfilling life.  I quit my great job, packed my bags, said goodbye to the greatest friends on this earth and simply went away to take back control.  I have no regret, please do not get me wrong.  But it’s not all flowers and the sunshine.  It’s cloudy on a lot of days and my nights seem as if they are forever.

I am not sure about the lifestyle of Paris, it is very new to me, I am not sure I fit in.  It’s fast, faster than anywhere else in France but it is not fast compared to New York, but it’s a different lifestyle completely. I am starting to get used to it, but it is a completely different way of thinking.   Just really totally different.

The air here, it’s to live your moment…you cannot escape it.  And the French love the people that are doing it. Some may find it hard to see that you do it but appreciate you for it. Because this is the place of acceptance. Rude, arrogant, what every you wish but the single fact remains if you are going to live your moment, do it in Paris…because you really have no choice…as they say for Rome…


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