My Dream of You…

>A simple cup sitting in the open window sile of a cottage.  As the night has passed, it is starting to fill with the morning rain. Drip, drip, drip it goes.  It fills the room with a sound that is comforting.  As the morning sun starts to rise, the rain dissipates,  the wind is slight and fills the room with the air to awake the senses as the white curtains billow in the wind.

My leg moves a little closer to yours…as our white sheets just cover the lower half of our spent bodies, I open my eyes as your lips touch mine.  <


I don’t know who you are.  I don’t know who’s lips kiss mine to wake me from my nights’ sleep.  I don’t know who’s leg is close to mine.  What I do know, is this dream, this thought that impedes the corridors of my brain, time and time again, since I was a young woman, is the picture of my future, of the peace that I seek and that one day will be content with the love I’ve always wished to have…to be in.

We all have dreams.  Some have dreams of fame, of fortune.  My dream is simple…I dream simply of you.  Maybe I have met you, maybe I have yet to meet you. What else life brings is just the extra stuffing you find in your potatoes or your french toast.  Everyone needs a ‘you’, everyone deserves a ‘you’.

As I dream of you…my life is filled with another and deeply hope that he is you.  I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather have it be.

But what to say is of this dream?  What do dreams even mean?  Do we manifest these ourselves and control them?  If we have a way to control them, why can I not see who this person next to me is?  Why can I not move the dream forward… or is this why I keep having this dream, what is it that I am meant to “catch”, to “pay attention to”, “to get”.

Do you reader have dreams that haunt you in a sense? What is it you do with these dreams and are they dreams or are they tells of our future or our past lives.

By reading about dreams I have found out that we dream in all stages of our sleep, but the most rememberable dreams are those we manifest while in REM.  Freud called our dreams ” the royal road to the unconsciousness”.  Researchers found it was more physiological than psychological, that being the ebb flow of neurotransmitters.  Not too many researchers agree on anything when it comes to dreams.

P.A.Pagel found some ties between the creative process and dreams, and those that do the most dreaming.  He found that the higher recall of dreams was that of actors, writers, and directors that participated in his studies rather than the people from his sleep center participants.  He concluded that the dream use increases directly in proportion to one’s interest in the creative process or product.

So, taking it a step further, because everyone has to be creative in their life in one way or another, it’s easy to conclude that we need our dreams to move forward to guide us through the sticky parts of our lives.  So a reoccurring dream?  This would hold a special important message one would conclude.  And it would also be easy to say that we are continuing to have this dream because our unconscious mind is saying…” you are doing it again”, look…here is the picture…focus…

So what is the problem?  What is the common change in the dream associated with what is taking place in your life or, what has not changed but what is happening in your life, over again, that the dream keeps occurring at this time? Perhaps an opportunity is presenting its self yet again, and the dream is there to remind us of this opportunity or ability to change or whatever the case may be.

So let us look at this dream above again?  It occurs when I have found a bit of peace and happiness, this I recall.  To me, it is saying to me that unless I see my happiness now, I will continue to search…that perhaps I push things away because they are not literal to what I expect. That sometimes what I want is exactly what I have, but I have not opened my eyes to see it.

I have the lips that wake me in the morning, I have the leg crossing over mine, I have the spent sheets even and I have the love you can only dream of.  It is time to stop running and hiding because of the lack of trust.  It is time to sit up and take account of what is actually around.

And not just in this dream, but in all of my life and all of my relations.   I thought I was alone on my new journey, I’ve come to see I have many friends that love and admire me.  Never wanting to be admired, but I do.  It still perplexes me, but I guess what they see, is what I have failed to see for 47 years. But as I grow, I see more.

A simple dream can be so powerful, can’t it?

Thank you for last night YOU, I didn’t know how much I needed to be alone to see, to dream this dream, to be reminded.   And it is you, you. It really is you. And I am happy, and we are good, not fine, and not OK, but really really GOOD.









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