French Toast

Because it makes you smile.  That is what my mom would say when she made me french toast when I was a young girl.


That’s how simple it is!  People complicate things and forget just how easy life is if we only remember the simple things.  Relationships they come and they go…and I think if we just recognized the simple things…they would last a lot longer than they do.   French toast, it’s so easy to put the weight of the world that has been laid on your shoulders and rest it on some battered bread then eat it. Is it possible this is all we need?  Perhaps I make light of hard life into one easy solution, eating french toast…but really, isn’t everything really just more simple then we make it all out to be?

My mom past away almost 2 weeks ago today, I will miss her french toast.  I will miss her!  I will miss knowing she is a phone call away.  If I have learned anything from her passing without my chance to say goodbye, without my opportunity to tell her once more that I love her, its that I cannot let a day go by without making the people that I know, that I want in my life, that I want them in my life, that I care and that I love them.

Not just telling those people that we care about, but showing them.  It is up to them to respond.  But words are not enough sometimes…you need to show action, I need to show action!

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost their mom or any of their parents.  It’s a tricky thing.  All our lives, well, mine anyway, I have just wanted to make my mom proud of me.  That she instilled in me good values, good nature, and a whole heart!  

So listen to our moms, have some french toast, and smile!

One thought on “French Toast

  1. I know what it’s like to loose a parent. My dad passed in May 😥 The pain never goes away but it gets to the stage when you laugh and smile at the memories rather than crying at them. Big hugs


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