I didn’t realize what I did, I didn’t realize how many people I could have prevented from it happening to as well. #MeToo, because, me too! In fact, mine was made aware of all the women and men that followed me on my trip to Florida from Vancouver but I am not sure that everyone understood completely what transpired. So, What I am here today to say, I am sorry first of all, for letting those that need me to speak up, down. For letting myself down when I know the stuff I am made of and that if anyone can handle it, it is I.

Just recently on my 1 year in Europe, I was almost sexually assaulted again, and I had defended myself, and it was the scariest moment I can recall in my entire life. I was able to protect myself because the assailant didn’t count on my having survival skills. I was ready to do anything, I mean anything to keep harm from myself, and I am lucky this man smartened up and realized I was the one with nothing to lose and I would sacrifice him to stay safe.

I am tired. I have worn out. It has made me second guess everything that I do.  I am angry that people treat others in this manner and I am angry that WE have continued to let it happen. I have a problem, but this problem was thrust upon me as an unwilling carrier. I do not want this problem, in fact, none of us do, and I think that is part of why so many of us stay quiet.  This problem needs to be resolved and the only way it can have a resolution is if we do not just stay quiet but speak up.

This is not a matter of personal choice anymore, because who are you, who am I, who are they to decide the next victims’ fate? It is our moral and ethical responsibility to speak up. We SURVIVED and so we can survive anything after it! WE ARE NO LONGER THE VICTIM… BUT NOW WE ARE THE PURSICUTER!

I am the victim of molestation as a child, something most people do not know. Another thing they do not know is that it was my own father that committed the act. While the other parent stood by and said nothing, did nothing. My memory, gone…and I am glad for it.

When I am harassed now, I have no idea what it is that is affecting me. My past experiences or just the current issue. But in any case, it is never ok. It is never ok to take this part of a person and use it as a weapon against them, to hold this thing ransom for a higher paying job, for freedom, for security, for respect, for equality, for anything. It belongs to no one but the woman it is being stripped from.

It is not ok, and we as women and men that have suffered from this unfortunate gravel road, we need to speak up and speak out! If it makes waves…make waves. What are you afraid of, being chastised? Being fired? Having your friends shame you? Being thought of as less than? Because I wonder, if these people are our peers and we are afraid of what they think, do we really care if they are our peers? I would hope I choose better people than those that would not follow or listen. I would hope the people that I speak to will choose the high road and stand up for me.

And if they do not, it is ok. Because I can do it alone… I do not need anyone to take the high road with me  I do not need a crutch to lean on. I have my two feet, I was a victim alone and I can stand up for myself alone.  I can do it alone, but I do not wish to.  I wish for all those that believe in this, that have any thoughts on this to stand with me. And if you are a victim… #METOO!

Speak up when you are spoken to in a manner that is definitely inappropriate but always taking the high road!

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