Taking A Ride In Paris

Riding a motorcycle is a skill the majority of people do not have, so there is a small community of riders that will always be riders.  Riding with confidence is even smaller.  I have known a lot of riders, men, and women, new and old that do not possess this confidence and probably never will.

I have met a lot of riders in my short riding life and there are even fewer dedicated riders as myself.  Few that get the pleasure no matter the weather and condition.  Few that would pick it among anything else to do. Lots opting for their car when it’s cold or wet or too hot or too busy.  They ride in perfect conditions only.

I, I ride to ride.  Period.  The perfect condition is anytime my motorcycle starts and I am on top of it. Anytime I have a full tank of gas. Anytime and always.

I moved to Paris recently and the first thing I heard from people is that it’s just too hard to ride in Paris.  I still do not understand how it is too hard to ride in Paris, I disagree 100%.  It’s challenging yes, but only because of the bicycles that cross the road in front of you and the unlicensed scooter drivers that have no class.

Everywhere you go in the world, driving has its different challenges, but they are all technically the same.  If you are a nervous driver, you are going to pick and choose what you think is the easier place and set it forth as fact.  The fact is if you’re a skilled driver or motorcyclist, driving is driving, riding is riding…no matter the place!  You learn to adapt and it becomes second nature.

The cobblestone roads are a nice change from the old and mundaneness of a regular paved road. And the scenery, to die for. Being in a place where there is always a bit of culture with every corner you turn. Being a girl on a motorcycle isn’t so bad either here in Paris.  We are a rare commodity.  Looks are had at every light.  The men on the scooters give a glance at the tall tiny lady on the big red motorcycle.

I have noticed only a few women on bikes, two on a nice sports bike a bit smaller than mine, the rest on little 250cc bikes.  I am not used to this scenario.  I am used to people having big motorcycles and enjoyed seeing other women empowered by what empowers me.

Every morning now I take the long way to Bastille from Clichy where I am staying for a few months.  Clichy is just outside the 18eme of Paris.  I take the river straight to Bastille, a nice long beautiful ride that passes right by the Effile tower.


It’s a nice cool and peaceful ride.  While everyone else is racing to head to work, I am taking my time to just breath in the sight that I get to behold each and every day. I have now seen the Eiffel Tower so many times from a distance, I think if I were not to see it any longer, it would be something I would miss.  I am not clear as to the feeling it evokes in me…but it is clear it would be missed.

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