Glass Houses

Assumptions are when we take information that we are given, and we draw conclusions based on our own small experiences in life or what we have read or, just opinion.  These assumptions could be fact if guessing was accurate, but most of the time, they are just that, assumptions.  No fact, no basis to be said, just to give a voice to someone who thinks they are more important than others.

There are a lot of great people in this world.  I have met a lot of them in my travels in the last six months. I must say, they are not always the ones that stick out of the crowd though, and I am not sure why that is for me.   I think because their words are so polite and so helpful and meaningful.   Their words have a purpose to better you, to give you hope and show the good in the world.

Those that cut you down to size by their one or two ignorances seem to always be the ones that stand out to me, make me stand up and shout to the top of my lungs! I have written and rewritten this article many times. But it wasn’t me writing it was that redheaded tempered woman that scorned other women when they are very very bad.

People have a tendency when they are feeling low and down to transfer their feelings on to others, so it’s not really them in the bad mood, or with the problem, but this other person or thing.  But it isn’t the way it works, is it?  We all know how when you’re upset, most people reflect their feelings and pass along the hurt that is in their heart or their soul. They are the destructors of the world.

My heart is at peace after a few drafts.  I am ok. I feel bad that something must have really hurt this person, that she would take the road to assumption once again, and throw it in my face because I am actually doing what I say I will do. I am a woman of action. It took me 20 years, but never once did I blame my life on another.  I take 100% responsibility for me. I am the only one that lives and believe you me…right now, I am living it.  As much as it is possible!

I received a comment on my blog today from a woman who has seemingly nothing to do in her life but to follow me and criticize me without knowing me at all. The words she uses to insult me aren’t even fact. She takes things from my articles and fabricates unknown things to try and make a rise…to make herself feel superior to another. I have never met this woman and I frankly would rather be made into kibble for the pigs than to meet this woman. She is opinionated at best.  At best! I mean, this is her best quality that I can see, that she has shown me. And it’s all I know because is all she gives.

What I am trying to say….is if it’s not written or said, or fact…do you think you know everything about a situation? Is assuming something you should be doing?  Granted there are situations where it may be normal to assume, that doesn;t make it ok, or right though.  It means to show caution with and gentle steps with your assumptions because you could be dead wrong!

It happens in a lot of situations, and it makes for nothing good. It hurts and demeans, but more than anything, it makes the person doing the assuming down right stupid! And Stupid is as stupid does! You can not fix stupid!

Please…in your life, look before you throw that stone, you might be breaking your own glass house! Do not assume you know what you do not know. Don’t destroy each other because you think you can or you think you have the right to.  It’s Easter, hey I forgive you! You are too stupid to know what you do…so I forgive you!

It’s Easter, hey I forgive you! You are too stupid to know what you do…so I forgive you! I hope you find it in yourself, to forgive yourself…because of you, you are the only one responsible for destroying you. You know who I am talking to!

Blessings and Happy Easter!

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