A New Beginning

With the approval of my Long Term Visa to France, my life is continuing on its upward momentum of this paradigm shift I am experiencing.   I left Canada on February 12th and did not arrive into France until late February 13th.  The trip a disaster from beginning to end.   However lots of lessons to be learned on this trip, in so many facets of this trip.  Not all these lessons needed to be learned by me though, and it is too bad that the lesson was not made pertaining to the one needing the lesson, but with it, I will continue to grow on what I know, increasing my understanding of certain situations and people.

There is a Hotel du Temps it is called in Paris, it is a small and very quaint place to call home for almost a week.  Each of the people that work in this great hotel of character, were nothing but stellar!  They listen even if they do not have to…and they make you feel like you are home, no matter how far away from it you are.  

I was able to secure my first short stay apartment in the Abbesses Montmartre are in Paris.  It is a small but very nice and quaint apartment.  I lease it till the ending of April, and who knows reader where that will lead me to. I might just travel all over France to determine where it is that I would like to be still and write and live and dream, and live some more. 

New beginnings not only bringing in the new, but they are also saying goodbye to the old and the past.  This is a hard goodbye for me as I am saying goodbye to my best friend.  My Beauty, the name sake of this site.  She was with me from the beginning of my new found life, although ten years back now…she was the start of it.  I sold her to a friend that I know will take great care of her, but even though begging for her back and the willingness to pay more money, he said a flat and loud NO.  Its been the hardest goodbye, because the others in my life are not gone, but she …she has gone to help another.

So, for her it is a new beginning too and for David.  And I wish them all the luck and enjoyment and the long life I still believe Beauty has to share in her beautiful self.

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