Trust Yourself

What keeps you from doing what you need to do the way you normally do it? I found that when I take someone’s bad unsolicited advice when I am at a weak moment in my life, that its usually not for the better. I take their advice despite what my gut is telling me, I go out of my comfort zone and try it their way, and usually it doesn’t last for long, because their advice is given to me without knowing the story. Without walking in the shoes and so it comes easily to them.

Writing this book has turned out to be a very difficult transaction for me. Why do I tell you reader, well, because it is very pertaining to what remains of my story. Doing something that is uncomfortable is sometimes the only way we get through what we have to do to get to those doors that open, or to have a door slam shut in our face or even to just breathe.  

Writing is hard, and draining and so freeing and explosive and emotional and spiritual and it just feels right. It lets the shoulders rest for a moment, it clears the mind of the trauma that might be in there cluttering up those corridors and doorways. I went through this last month without spilling any words, and I didn’t know of why I could not write. Then it hit me, because its expected. I never wrote when I was expected to, but because I wanted to , because when I wrote, I had no choice to write, it was as if my hand led my fingers to type on the keyboard, it was if I had no control…the words came and they would either come out of my mouth, or be better put to pen.  

It was also because I was told to control my emotions…that I shouldn’t do my crying, but reader, when I cry, I have noticed, at the end, I am able to put my thoughts that are so deeply embedded in my head, into meaningful words to pass along, either for my book or my blog.  I have decided that the people that ask me to keep my emotions in check are just not I tuned with their emotions. Just because someone tells you to do something, doesn’t make them right! 

In fact reader, if I suggest to you something, it’s a suggestion, my belief, and although I feel my belief is 100% correct, as I guess it would not be my belief if it indeed was not, does not mean you have to follow my school of thought or anyone else’s. I share with you because the things I believe I should share, are indeed of value. But reader, you must pick and choose your own. Never follow something that you question, follow what feels good in your gut, your mind and your heart. If it doesn’t feel right in all these places, then perhaps these thoughts are not thoughts you should even consider.  

And those are my thoughts for you today reader, its all about not stifling yourself because someone else thinks you should. You know what is good for you…you do… use your gut more often, trust yourself more often, you will see, you will not disappoint you! 

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