If You Choose The Box, That Is What You Get, A Box

Here it is folks, right in my face today!  Smacked by it and it hurt!  More so my pride as my heart will feel what my heart feels.  That saying to live outside the box is just that.  Its talking about your entire life.  Not just putting your arm out of the box or your leg.  Its not saying test the waters…its saying get out of the box…throw the damn thing away and open up to every opportunity in every aspect of your life.  I just didn’t get it until now.  Certain things were still… carefully tucked into that box, safe…safe from the unknown.

Today, I ripped that box apart so that I may not fall back into its shelter.  What about you reader?  Is your box still around?  Is there somethings that you keep to the “norm”?  Is there things that your afraid to let out of that box?  There was for me, like my love life.  I had a certain parameter I was willing to go to…and today, I was assured even in that perameter, it was not what was to be in my life.  And it hurt!  It hurt like hell on earth!  And I suppose it will continue to hurt till I get my mind around it.

My job selection and area, this is another thing that I have been in and out of the box.  I will throw it away and if I have to park myself by no box zone, because this is it!  You get one chance at these open doors.  Then they pass you by.  When are you going to recycle your box?  When are you going to say enough, I am just going to open myself to other things in the world that I would have never have done before ! 

Boxes are boxes…typically they are square but even if your box is rectangle…its still a box. 

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