Old Habits

Do you find yourself ever falling back to old habits.  Well I do!  I do believe this is normal and until those old habits are truly gone, they will be a part of your life and you will just have to keep yourself aware of those habits and when you start to pull into them.   Like me, yesterday.

But for me, it happens daily.  My new life, as I like to call it, is just that, its brand new.  I am learning to live it, so in essence I am learning to leave the old life behind.  Which takes work, and forgiveness to myself when I do slip up.  I am all about positive thinking and each day, for the most part it is there.  Then there is that part that sneaks in when your not looking to remind you how it used to be and in a split second your back to regular programming, only, its not that channel anymore, its no longer exists…

These draw backs are ok, and you have to allow your self to learn with time.  No one changes their lifestyle in a second…because if it was that easy, no one would ever be unsatisfied, going though experiences, learning.  I welcome these draw backs.  I learn emensly from them.  The next day, i am listening to what needs to be heard, I am wide open for learning from the experience so that when it pops up again, I do not mismanage it, but handle it.

I am not saying that I am ok all the time.  I am not…but I am ok with not being ok…which is a far cry of a step up than before.  Its ok to not enjoy every moment.  If you enjoyed every moment, there would not be anything called joy as it happens every now and again, because joy only happens when there is the opposite.  So you would just be happy all the time, then nothing better…  You always have to have that balance.  Its what makes you appreciate the joyful moments, the exhilaration of happiness.

Take it easy on yourself reader when you fall, because you have you to pick you up…because in my book, your perfect, your just tweeting you…and you have this, and I have this, we all have this.

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