And There Is An End 

As I walked out side the door today into the street I found myself noticing the beautiful air.  You could see it.  It was so cold you could see the air, even before you breathed. And you can see it now, although it is now tattered among passerby and cars.  The frost on the trees, just so thick, so beautiful.  The buildings covered in this same frost, making them look as if they were in a painting and not real.

The street was silent, and there was not many on the street, it was not yet bustling in my neighborhood, which is different for this time of the morning as I am usually bombarded with many people in a rush to go nowhere.

Today is the last normal day of the year as tomorrow is a busy celebration in ringing in the new year.  Saying goodbye to the year we just made our way through and hello to what is to come.  I am here reminding us all to think outside the box for the end of this one.  Open your mind to what transprired.  Have no regrets.  Regrets are truly harmful and not progressive.  You cannot for the life of you or anyone else change what has been done, not one second of it…so why waste your energy on something that will never be, and instead, focus that much needed and indulgent engery on turning that thi8ng that is of regret into the best it can possibly be.  Which if you think really hard outside your comfort zone, will be your silver lining!  There is always one…there is!

I will say good bye to the hustle and bustle of the past year, and thank every moment, because i can remember each and everyone, unfortunately and I have a lesson and silver lining out of each.  I thank the universe for allowing me to be here to learn from it.  There are so many I have taken lessons from and each of them I am grateful.  The most I am grateful, for knowing my own weaknesses and challenging them as if never before.  As if before hand I actually knew subconsciously what I was doing. 

Today, I can be alone, I can eat alone, and eat well!  I can sit in a bar and have a beer, alone.  I can travel alone, and shop alone.  I can sleep alone.  I can be alone and even though its not the optimal, I can find peace through my day and enjoy my day.  I can walk down the street, head held high,  smiling, alone.  I can use some improvement, but I did it!  And I can continue to do it!  And I will, if I have to.

That box, its a box…its so, boxy.  Why stay in it.  No one likes a box!  I have no shape, I have no form.  I am like a galaxy , all over, with many ridges and levels.  I don’t fit into anything, but will mold to what I have to.  But why, if you think outside the box…there is only space, and isn’t that where we find the galaxies ???  

Be a galaxy with me wont you?  Its fun!  And I am living every moment hard, and loving every moment even harder!  I am learning more than I possibly imagined!  Be a Galaxy!

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