You know that little piece a paper that floats across the street, and you watch it just for a moment, catching its direction.?   You know that look that you see from another as you glance passing by each other walking just as fast or slowly getting to each’s destination?  You know that little piece of toilet paper that gets caught on your shoe and you do not notice until it is too late.??   These are all details of our life that get missed and are thought of as unimportant.

That paper that was floating across the street, its a shopping list that was dropped by its owner and is now frantically looking for those ingrediants at the store, and trying desperately to remember what they were, as she has an important dinner to prepare for tonight.  That look given to you by the passer by was the look of sorrow searching the eyes of the crowd as to say, please, someone notice me, notice I am here and alive.   That piece of toilet paper that loitered on your shoe for just a little too long was the dropped tissue from a girl crying in the bathroom, her tears are what wet that tissue enabling it to so vicariously stick to your shoe.

Do you ever think to stop and think how something gets to where it is and was it significant to another.  Small insignificant details to you and me, may just be huge ones to the other.  Sometimes paying attention to the details or even just glancing around just a little longer, pulls that picture in a little more complete.  Makes you realize the world is not just full of you and me, but of others that may need a little of our time and attention.

People watching, something I do, and always have, but i do it daily here in Europe, where ever I am, especially when I first get to a new place.  It helps me to decipher what kind of surroundings I am to be in and how open they are to new arrivals.  Paris, on first thought and looking back reader if you have been following me, I hated, from moment one.  But I have come to love Paris, and trust me it has nothing to do with what Paris has to offer other than being in the city.  I am not speaking of any of the tourist attractions, especially not the eiffel tower, nope, not been even close to it.  Reader, I am speaking of the people exclusively.  The interactions.  How they walk on the streets, how they take the tram, how they interact with each other.

 When you watch others…your imagination can go wild.  But remember, that paper, it came from somewhere and possibly wasn’t discarded on purpose.  That look you exchange, could be a plead to pay attention.  That toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe, could have a big significance to someone.  Life and people are linked…remember six degrees of separation.  That toilet paper is a degree!

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