One word or phrase can change a mood and a whole outlook one may have on life.  Its is so igmatic, is big, its the best thing since sliced bread, it is the things of change and character building.  It can move mountains and bring forth betterment.  What is it that I speak of, validation.  

We all need to validate those around us.  We are all waiting to be validated because lets face it, we are all human beings.  True, you do not need validation to be the best you can be, but to acknowledge one in their efforts is..unmasking and life changing!  It can have such a positive effect on people that its the little push that one might have needed to get you going. It can change the tone and push the creative side of an artist, it can boost the self esteem of a young child, it can bolster a project at work, it can make a love, that much stronger.

Validation, everyone needs it and it feels good.  Its almost the same as appreciating someone and letting them know instead of taking them for granted.  We all need that slap on the back to say job well done, or we all need to know how important another is in another’s life, or just how much a person might mean to a team in a job.  Its all part in parcel.  WE all need to appreciate, validate those around us that we can not do without, and in the scheme of things, if you think about it, that is a lot of people.  So…

What are you waiting for, start validating!  And I thank you for being such a devoted reader to my blog, and forgiving me of my daily or weekly diatribes that I go on and on about!  Thank you for entertaining that I too may have a voice worth listening too!  Love all of you!  Thank all of you…

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