Risking it All

What would you not risk for something that is so desired by your heart.  What would you not do to have what you want.  Would you ever put it all on the line, would you risk it all.  And if you would, is it worth it?  I say yes, I always say yes…if it is such a desire, then why not.  And it really doesnt matter of what the subject is…if its such a desire, why go on with life with out this desire, if it is so desired, so much.

This is what we talk about when we say live for today, not for the future and not in the past.  Living for today means live how you want to this moment, at this time.  If you are worried about the future, you are not living for now.  I am starting to get this.  My risk level is high…on the top of the charts they would say.  And why…I lost everything.  I lost my entire youth waiting on a marriage that might be better tomorrow.  20 years is a long time to wait on.  And look where that got me, absolutely nothing that I wanted for myself came to futrision. None of it.  So…I live for today now. I ask you, are you going to live for today?

My risks are a lot these days, each day I take them.  I am risking everything because there is not much left to give up anyways, but even if there was, I would still risk it.  Its as if in business, its a 50 50 crap shoot folks.  It either goes or doesnt, life has no grey line.  There are no different shades of good and bad, its either good, or bad.  Its very black or very white.  That grey shade in the middle, that’s all in your head, so you should get out of it…cause its not doing you or anyone else around you any good.

Go out and take that risk for love, if its love.  Go out and risk what you have materialistically for that dream job…they are just things, you can get more.  People put too much stock into the things they have, the lifestyle they want and sacrifice that one thing they so desire.  Id rather sacrifice all that other stuff for my desires, because once I obtain that desire, the other stuff, it comes…and then its even better enjoyed.

I like living abroad these days and my true hopes and desires, I wish it to never end.  So I am doing things to hopefully get my desires.  I am trying, and I will keep trying to get what I want, because it is of my true hearts desire.  There are many things to risk in life and I am not saying anyone should risk another, no, risking people is not what I speak of.  But, if you are in a relationship, but you are not there, completely and wholely, please, don’t risk your partners life for unspoken words, they are better off to start over now, then later, and feeling nothing but regret.  Let them live, and share your feelings being selfish is not always being selfish, sometimes that other person is feeling it too.!

Risks are ultimately good, without it, you are not living…your just..there .  Go, take that risk to get your desire.  You might find its worth all of it.


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