The End of a Journey 

As I take the morning train into Rome, I am filled with all sorts of experiences, like, waking up sicker than a dog and realizing that my fun is just to begin!  I may feel thick in the throat, but my excitement for a new world is just awakening. As I am on the train, I sit back and I watch the daily grind that all these other people are going through.  Some of them just commuters, the others travelers on holiday.  Me…holiday, fully loaded with all my travel gear, suit cases abound with all the clothes I have accumulated and brought with.

Its a foggy trip and beautiful at the same time…with loads of possibilities at the end of the run.   Tears still fall onto my cheek with each new experience.  These are not tears of sadness, these are tears of true appreciation.  I still cannot believe I am here!   The great people I have met in passing and those that I have had a chance for a more in depth conversation  and the others that I have formed a bond with since coming to Europe.  Each one of these are experiences that complete my transformation into being the best me that I can be.  With each new experience though, I do say goodbye to the one before.

We all do, we all have to say good bye to things we either love or do not.  As I write this I am reminded of a friend that reached out to me today after I posted a picture of her from  a while back.  Although she is in pain from having to say goodbye to one of the most important people in her life, her mom, having watched her mom end her journey with this world, to begin another, in another.  The journeys that we take in our life often meld together, so that we do not forget that we are alone, even when we feel we are.

As my small journey to Moldova ends…I am reminded that I went on this journey with another for a reason, what ever that reason, I was not completely alone.  This very reason is what brings life experiences to the fore front in opening our minds, bodies and souls to receive and not be stagnant in this world.  I walk tall and proudly from one to the next, living in today, reminding myself, that it is ok to completely fill this moment with what you need, and not what you fear the future will bring.

Don’t forget to be in every moment on your journeys in life and where they take you, because if you do not live for those moments…your missing what was right in front of you, right there, right here, right now.  Live for now.

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