Its all in the Kiss

The city were dreams come true, well, my dreams is the perfect place.  As I sit in this little cafe not too far from my apartment…the feelings that come over me are of nothing but pure delight.  The bustling crowds even on this very fridged day, everyone is happy and smiling and kissing.  Oh do I love the kissing.  I think the kissing should be in every country…I think everyone would be so much more happier!  Kissing I know, makes me happy.

And why do the Italians and frenchmen kiss so much…oh…I am bound to find out.!  However thier reason, I so want it a part of my life, for the rest of my life.!  Il bacio is what they call it …the kiss, Leaning with the left first, then right and back to the left if that is what is given…each person has a different set of kisses they bestow. Rarely is this something bestowed on stranger, so presenting your hand first is ok, the native Italian or Frenchman will lead to a kiss if appropriate.

Then there is that kiss, that kiss that you know you are so much more than just a friend…that kiss that can change the world for you and him.  That kiss that is so much longed for and desired by most everyone.  That kiss that starts that escapiade to ecstasy.  The most important touch in a romance…the lips touching and caressing in such a manner that the heat either becomes hotter or you find that you are not at all compatible.  I find if I do not enjoy the kiss, the rest, its not good at all, its in the kiss!

 Just one kiss can say so much.  It could lead to deciding its far to dangerous an escaped to follow, or it can lead you to making the best decision your life has ever taken.  A kiss is like an open door, the invitation is right there, if you hear it and listen.  Its all in the kiss.

This I wrote for a specific kiss …its inspired many poems as I sit in the cafe writing them day in and out.  God, Kissing is just…here’s that poem….
It was the moment our lips touched, yours, touching mine

Just the instant they parted, I knew 

I tried to stay away, the memory of the moment of lip on lip,

Just to much to handle, I knew

It was in the kiss, it was in the kiss

It was the moment our lips touched , your tongue on mine,

Just the instant they were one, I knew

It was the moment your mouth opened to mine

Just the perfect moment, I knew

The sweet bite of my lip,  

The sound of your voice,

The softness of your lips

The taste of your mouth

It was in the kiss, It was in the kiss

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