There are so many you can take in life, like the one I took the other day, that’s was important to me to take.  It was to talk to a person that I loved for a very long time and still do, about not being angry with him and that all I want is what I deserve and what he promised to give.  I took the risk, it started out wrong, because I have a mouth with its own mind, but I was quickly able to wrangle it into a much more submissive tongue. 

The communication was through text, but it was good, I just had to let him know, I am saying exactly what I mean, so no reading into it.  I wanted him to know, that my leaving was fair to both of us, because the love I need, he has no reason to give and I understand it, but my love for him, it will never change, it will always be there, in the resessses of my heart, in that place I keep for the people I truly love and will never forget.  I needed him to know, I am not angry at him, that I am angry at myself, for not recognizing his lack of want because he wasn’t in love, and my own needs, I forgot to pay attention.  I only paid attention to what I wanted…and that was HIS love, not to be released from something not working for two people to find the love or path they need to go.

Risk, its out there, its not always taking that bike at 260 down the road, sometimes its just saying what you need to say, calmly, risking your pride, because what is pride anyway, but an unneeded roadblock that stops so much from happening in life because you are not sure you can accept the outcome of what it is you would do.

Another risk, stepping into something so much bigger than yourself…Putting yourself out in the world where you have no understanding of what is going on.  Communication with the tongue, low or at its  most compromised.  Risking your heart and your soul, because you just might find it, but if you don’t…you will never know if it was in that spot or not.  Doors of opportunity open, and we risk it all by walking through them…that is why there are not many of these people in the world, the risk takers, we are among the smallest of quantities…but of the most successful.   Because, what is success, it is not having a big payout necessarily it is taking the risk.  That is success, actually following through, failure is not trying, so as long as I continue to try, I will continue to be successful in everything I do.

Here is to that next door, its already been presented to me, I have accepted, and now I am walking through it.

Take the risk…your peace is your prize.

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