Greater than Ourselves

Do you ever think your so huge in your own little world, that the first time you step into something so much bigger than yourself that your humility is instantly reached?  I felt that the second I turned the corner at the city centre today in Florence, Italy.  Tears came to my eyes…so much more than I realized…so much bigger than myself…I still cannot stop weeping.

Do the people that live here appreciate this life?  They must, that is why they stay and that is why I am not totally sure I should ever leave.  So majestic.  Although I do not speak one work of Italian, its such a place for being yourself.  The love shown…the language barrier is not that much of a big deal.  Most the Italian people have apologized to me for not having perfect english skills, when it is of my conciquence to be speaking Italian.  They are gracious and I love it…they are forgiving and I love it.

I think I have found that place in my dreams and so far, it is coming true…it is real and no longer a dream, it is reality.  So I have some reflection to do…to be healthy within my own self, or to keep sacrificing for others sake.  I already feel as if I belong here.  I have been so welcomed like never before in any place.  And its so very overwhelming.  I did not know…I truly did not…I though what I had was as good as it will ever get…was I so very wrong, so very very wrong.

These tears that are still rolling down my face are for so much more than sadness, they are for future possibilities and the realization of dreams coming true.  To new love and new experiences.  Its to opening your mind to something so much greater than yourself.  Its to loving your life and truly experiencing what there is to experience. As a friend of mine said to me last night, there is so much bad in the world…you have to enjoy the good, you have to. 

This is good, this is damn good!

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