Its What This Woman Wants

 Sounds like a movie title that we all know of…but that is what this musing today is about. What I want as a woman. Tell me reader, when I am finished, am I alone?

Is this thing I want a dream, does it happen, or is that what those fairy tales are talking about. Because I do not want a Vanilla Fairy Tale. I want cappuccino, and vino and chocolate! I want a sprinkle of nuts and some whipped cream and that elusive cherry on top!

Can you find a partner in your life that the intense animalistic sexual encounters encompass your daily lives and it inhabits your entire relationship. That every encounter is a good encounter whether pleasant or not. I believe its out there, but I only believe its out there for those that are actually looking for it. It’s the whole premise of living outside that box we have all created for ourselves and made ourselves to believe that is what life is about! Its not!
 Not for those of us that lose our true beings…we are the idealists. Not a lot of us out here we are the dreamers we are the artists, we are ones that people talk about not being in reality.
I think our reality is more real than others. I live for my heart and what my soul wants and never again will I falter. I search for my body to be just as happy as I am in my present state of mind. 

Reader, I have had lots of opportunity to be ravished by a lot of men on my 90 day escapade to Europe. In Amsterdam and in Paris, Florence, and Rome. I will not lie, I may or may not have taken it upon myself to indulge…I will not say 😉 , but I have noticed something… most men that have approached me or gotten in contact with me are very much pleasers. So to say its very seldom I have run into a man that is very selfish in what he wants. Is it ok to like that? Is it ok to want what I want first and then, if I so feel inclined to give back. After all that time in receiving nothing of my needs? I guess its that 20 years of stagnant marriage that spoils it , or makes for the perfect excuse.  

It all starts with that look. God, never to settle again…I will get exactly what I want…its got to be the eyes…if the eyes cannot look into my soul and make me yearn for that soul tapping, umm, yeah, pass. It’s the one feature that I love even more than the lips. Then, I am so sorry, but I want a man bigger than me. If he is as tall but not taller this is fine, but he has to be bigger, if I have to defend him agains a bigger guy, hello….no. Its pure animalistic instinct, remember we are animals and I go with what I find desirable. A man that looks pretty enough to have babies with (no I am too old) , that can defend me, protect me, provide for me. Survival of the fittest. Its how all animals work in the sense of continuing and it goes to sexual attraction as well. 

His hands, I love a man with hands big enough to grab mine in his and hold my hand and not let go. Not let go…. He has to love holding my hand, and its got to be his idea. Cause then you know… 

Kissing, I am back at kissing again and oh my god, its better than chocolate, where as my quantity of chocolate had all but replaced all my sexual pleasure over the years…and well let me tell you…Kissing…well, most the time, its leads to that type of pleasure you only get from touching and feeling and experiencing and living! And it doesn’t stop there, it just gets better and better! 

Have you ever had that perfect kiss. I can tell, from what I have experienced alone, by the look of the lips and the way a man speaks, how his words are formed, how those lips tell the tale of just how great a kisser he might be. Typically its in the shape and size of the lips. No grandpa no lips for me! I tell you…that mouth is so sexual just looking at the lips, the way they form words or purse together. When he touches you with those lips, the pressure he puts, especially if this is your first kiss. Not too much…just the right amount, and moist, but not dripping! If his mouth is a gully from the beginning, it will always be danger of falling in and having no where to land…this is not good!  

You have to land sometime, because that’s when the teasing comes in… 

That tongue is it pliable, or is it hard and playing dodge with you…its got to have the right mixture of force and strength with the right amount of relaxing. If you cant grab that tongue …its not relaxed…some great pleasure is attained by this…when his tongue plays with your lips and then forcefully plays tango with your own tongue, its magical. And yes, there is a difference between a french kiss and a “French” man kissing you! Their french kiss is…magical and deep and in another world. I think someone must take these boys aside in their early years and teach them exactly what the purpose of this tongue is…because trust me…its very different from a man that is not “French”!

This kiss, is very personal to what each of us like…but this kiss…this kiss that you like, that I like…hmmm..its the start isn’t it! Its just making that cold engine rev and purr like a kitten! It gets those goose bumps raised from deep within to sit on the surface of the skin in boiling hot weather! Its that tingle you feel every time you think of that perfect kiss, and you are brought back to ecstasy. Its that taste that lingers in your mouth and when you are away from those lips, that the thought of this taste fills your tongue all over again. They way he bites your top or bottom lip, the way his lip feels when you bite it…like you could eat him up!   

This kiss, this kiss is erotic and sexual and perfect and delightful and warm and “oh that’s so good”. This kiss will have your chin raw because you do not want to stop and you do not care how much chaffing your face has. This kiss can last for hours and get so intense at moments that you are lifted straight into the air, floating there, on the clouds, with him! This kiss can make you long for another and make you do just about anything to get another. This kiss will make you late for work and not care. This kiss will force you to take a day off work and not care. This kiss…this kiss… its what we all long for. 

Besides these exceptional kisses, I had never before been touched the way I have been touched of late. And most of it was really fucking good! Just really good! Discovering that I am an explosive, sexual being that is so insatiable that discovering what I want and what I need, its like a treasure hunt, and its the most fun game out there!   

When that kiss begins to travel, oh my god, my head starts to spin in the anticipation of what is next to be felt. Just the thought of where those kisses are to land. I have to say, all day is fine with me, really, truly, go right a head. I am not afraid to say, its natural and if they like it that much, be my guest, oh yes, please be my guest!   

Every touch is a touch of pleasure. There are some touches that are said to be not so typical or out out there, but how do you know, unless you try. My friend said to me before my travels to be open, to try things, to not be afraid, she said that I might just find something I really like. I have to say, I haven’t found anything yet that I didn’t like with the exception of one thing. And I not saying my list is short. One thing I didn’t get and actually made my nose stuffy…but…we are not talking about what we don’t like…so…you can just imagine.  

I am even into sharing those pleasurable moments with that partner, to make sure he gets what it is he so desires. Do not get me wrong reader, I am totally ok with just receiving, but it has now become my pleasure to share in that most erotic sound coming from my partner of pleasure received. What I give though, is in the moment, if I don’t feel it, I wont do it or it will suck! Hehe, no pun intended!  

I have to say, I always hated giving that part of me, even with all that I ventured through in my lustless, loveless, unerotic, plain, untouched marriage, probably because I never received in any sort of form, pleasure in returned and now, now I get it! Why wouldn’t I? It makes it all the more great for both of us. And I make sure I read up on it…educate myself as the best places to touch him…to make sure he gets something good. I say, we should all keep learning, I am not above it and I find it great fun to learn and try something new all the time. I have discovered the things I hated the most, are most desirable with the partner(s) I have or have had in my new found life. Its a true pleasure to see the look on my partners face that truly gives me even more pleasure, which only increases my sexual drive and pleasure centre. 

Sex is not taboo, we all have it, or at least we do now, I do anyhow. And I will never again deprive myself of it. Reader I know this is new for my blog, but, its all part of it. Its all part of living outside that box. Its all about living in the moment we are in now! Yes protect yourself, be a good person and don’t do things without being smart, but we can all have fun and stay safe even where it comes to sex. You need to have your whole life available for yourself to be whole.

WE are sexual beings. I know I am…. And sex…Sex….SEX, ITS WHAT A WOMAN WANTS! Well, at least this one! 

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