You Humble Me

Maybe one of those lessons that I am trying to learn is humility.  Learning to be humble is a big thing for people.  At first thought, I would think I am a humble person, but am I?  No, I do not think I am, not at its core meaning.  In fact, I do not know too many that truly are.

Humility, that is one thing I am starting to get the grasp of.  Here in Holland, I am at the mercy of others.  I have to forget myself, not even think for a minute that my problems matter in the scheme of the world, because look, the do not.  They do not hamper the earth from rotating on its axis nor does it stop life from continuing.  It is a great thing this humility…as I walk the streets of Amsterdam , directionally challenged as I am and probably always will be…I am at the mercy of the city and all that dwells in it.  Its up to them if I am invited in. 

But I suppose that is where I am lucky, as this city has welcomed me with open arms in so many different ways and fashions. But my presence here is just a fraction of a fraction of what visits this bustling city every day, every year.  And as my time here in Amsterdam slowly comes to an end, I will have left my mark, but it will soon be covered by those other marks left by those that come after me, and those after them.  I will also take with me my memories.  And I have a bunch, including all the people that I have met.

When you think of all the glorious things in the world, the peace that we have, the ability to choose the things we like to do, places we stay, people that we commune with.  These are all things that make us better people and the ability to have a choice to do them. The ability to vote for a president of a country, the ability to sell a car, to go traveling all over a country that you do not know.  We are only a small fraction of the picture…none of us make up the entire thing…so with that, humility is pertinent to each of us to play our role.

I believe I am humble or at least learning.  I am at the mercy of others to be here and I truly appreciate it all!

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