Atmosphere …Day 6

As you walk down the City Centre streets, side streets and alleyways…there is a air of peacefulness and delight and all around pleasantness.  Its hard to describe unless you are actually here to experience the feeling yourself.  It takes a girl, that is far from home, heartbroken and misplaced and transforms her into this person that smiles not only on the outside, but on the inside too!  Its an air of life, because after all, isn’t air what is needed to keep us going, to make it easier to breathe and take in the horrible atmospheres all around?

Peace and companionship from a city that doesnt know me is what I have found.  I am truly blessed to be here, in Amsterdam.  Its amazing how different people can come together and just enjoy life because it needs to be celebrated and not forgotten.  Its different at home.  I never felt this way back in Canada, but then again, its probably because I never felt I belonged.  I was in a bubble, protected from the unknown.  This bubble is gone here, in this place.

Its so beautiful to walk down the streets made of cobblestone.  You can’t help but be transformed into a different place and time.  The history right under your feet cannot be misplaced or mistaken…you can’t help but smile and live…just breathing in the air…that peaceful, relaxed, fun loving, engergetic air.

Sitting in a cafe or bar is one of the trends here in this city.  Everyone drinks espresso or cappacino, maybe tea, and definitely a beer or two.  Just a great place to spend some free time.  Checking out all the happenings around.  Taking in the sights making them your own making yourself a part of the place you are in.  Being of something so much bigger than yourself.   A feeling of belonging.  Its that peaceful fun loving air.

Take it in, breathe it in, be a part of the atomosphere, not just in it!

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