Give me the “skinny”, “skinny” latte, “skinny cow”, oh that person is so “skinny”.  For those that are not “skinny” it seems that it may be and ok word.  But let’s dissect this word for a moment.  Some synonyms of skinny are, scrawny, scraggy, twiggy, bony, lanky.  Related words…gangling, emaciated, wasted, awkward.

These aren’t great words to me, but lots of people say…” oh, but your skinny, aren’t you glad?”  Really?  My required calorie intake a day just to maintain what little fat I have is more than most people can eat in two days! I purposely get the “whole” milk in my latte and extra whip, those calories that I take in are crucial so that I do not get sick or lack energy.  I eat healthy, but my fat intake is tremendous and I can’t always do it.  Yeah, Yeah, such problems…well, it is when you can’t eat enough to gain the appropriate amount of weight to be healthy.

If you are like me, overly skinny to no fault of your own…the word skinny or fat are not good words, nor is it something I would assume to be better than the latter.

Unhealthy is unhealthy and for someone to say I would rather be…than … is uneducated, period.  So here is a little bit of education.  I am 5’10” and all of 119 lbs.   I never go into a store and find clothes that fit.  So…to say skinny people are better off, this is an assumed disposition to a person of good proportion of which most clothing is made.  A general statement of skinny or thin people is just as discriminating as fat or overweight statements.

We are all different…we are all different weights and we all have different ideas of just how that green grass over the fence feels on our bare toes.   Little do we know, when we climb over that fence, its dried up painted grass that cuts the bottom of our feet.  Not so green.  Deciding what you know to be fact…isn’t always fact.  You have to bring every aspect of it in.

So…do you really want the skinny on skinny?  Clothes don’t fit, generally with skinny comes lack of boobs, which I wouldn’t trade for the world, the “girls” can be quite heavy, but clothes for woman aren’t made without the boob areas, so filling up a shirt is sometimes challenging. Tall legs…small tiny waste…nope, they might make the clothes on the run way for models…but they do not put those clothes in actual stores! They are impossible to find unless your bank account is that of a model! And don’t let me forget the piece of equipment to the “rear” of me…lots of skinny, especially tall girls lack in this department…the girls that don’t, much envy to them!

So, next time you see someone who is really skinny, or over weight…check yourself.  Your words need to be of fact and not just opinion based solely on uneducated opinion.  Generalizations happen way too much these days.  Discrimination is based on generalization so, we have to look at all the areas we generalize in and make sure that we are educated in what we are saying.  Lets not be the creator of our own discrimination or help that out one Iota of a bit. Lets instead, build each other up and inform each other, and stop assuming!

So…now you have the skinny…



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