Take a Ride In Punta Cana

Traveling is something everyone loves to do…well, for vacation anyway.  Riding, is something I love as well.  So, to make my vacations even that much better, I like to rent a motorcycle wherever I may go. If you want to have the best of both worlds that is!

My last trip was to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. One of the things I wanted to do was to rent a motorcycle, to actually experience the ways of the streets there. I walked a short distance from the resort I was staying at to find a scooter and motorcycle bike rental shop. Fun Scooter Tours is the shop I found.

I am big on riding a motorcycle, so I wanted only that. No matter the size, just had to be a motorcycle!  So my husband and I went in to introduce ourselves and requested to rent two motorcycles. When Tony, Edwin and Lady greeted us on our arrival, we of course were wondering how easy it would be to rent in Punta Cana, well, our questions and any reservations we had about renting, were quickly put to rest!

In fact, among all the places that we had been to in Punta Cana, their customer service was excellent!  They accommodated us and quickly reserved two motorcycles for the next day. We inquired on which routes were the most scenic and best to take, to get in all we could and know the true Punta Cana. As Tony was showing us the area map, he piped up “Why don’t I just show you?”.  That was that, and of course took him up on the offer. What better way to see the best of Punta Cana, the best roads to ride, then have them shown to you!

As we made our reservation for the next day @ 8am, we anticipated our next day’s adventure! We were both to ride smaller cc bikes then we own, and so we wondered how we would fare not having the power beneath us. Our worries, we quickly erased. Fun and  excitement is something that the day was full of!

As we walked up to the shop, I snapped this picture of Tony and Edwin getting the day started. Beaming myself, to get started on our day’s adventure we were greeted with big smiles and bright and cheery “Hola LA!”

Tony was the lead for the day, which I gladly turned over to him!  He spoke of a few kilometers on our trip where there would be total 1chaos, and just to do basically what everyone else was doing and to keep your eyes open. We at first were unsure of what to even expect, what kind of chaos would it be? We soon found out.

Chaos, but not true chaos, more like and how I would like to refer to it from here on out, “organized chaos”.   And it truly was. Where I live, BC, Canada. Chaos is caused by completely idiot drivers and riders that have absolutely no clue and shouldn’t be on the road.  Here, this “organized chaos” everyone is of understanding how it works! No traffic signals or signs depicting the right of way of anyone. You get through it with a prayer yes, especially if you’re not sure how it works…but once you’re through, once you figure out exactly how everyone is getting from point A  to point B…nothing but “organized chaos”.


No one would live through that here…street carnage is all you would see. Most of the vehicles on the roads are also motorcycles. No facts here, but it looked like the two-wheeled vehicles way out number the four!  A single honk on the horn told the driver in front, stay your course, I am going around you. Very few stop signs and lights…pretty much only at the crossroads to the highway. Truly, “organized Chaos”.


Our first stop was to get air in the tire of the bike my husband was riding.  So we stopped here…and met a few locals! Some great bikes here and nothing but friendly locals! Tony snapped a picture of us, below, getting on our bikes ready to go for the rest of our day trip.


The bike I was sporting was an X1000, 250cc , my husband a SanLG 200cc, and Tony a Lancid Scooter.  So earlier I said we were curious on “worried” on the power the bikes would punch, being smaller bikes.  Well, not a problem…you do not have a need for more power here!  We had no need to go above 80 kilometers an hour, and the quick maneuvering you like to be able to do on a small bike, well…they were the right choices!

We stopped to see the local areas…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a few stops along the way, we headed to the water…mmm, nothing like taking a ride to the beach!

It was great to go down this road on the bikes…yep..it’s a road at the beach! Now, I normally sport a Harley Davidson.  I know lots of people, not wise ones of course, that take their big bikes like Harleys on the beach.  First of all, you can’t do that with a rental, not if the people you are renting from are smart. Harleys and sand do not mix well, not only is it bad for the engine, but if you lose  control, well, I will leave your imagination to that!   Having the lighter knobby wheeled bike I was on, made this trip, down this road, spectacular!


Very nimble to ride, the smaller cc bike made riding in the sand, no sweat! Coming back off the road, I have to say, I had to bite my lip not to throw a little sand and it was really hard to keep myself from doing a few doughnuts! I really had the urge, but I was on a rental, so, respect.

After this we headed down the highway yet again to another beach location.   But not before a quick stop for a restroom break, where we met this guy.  Yep, armed guards at the gas stations!  He made certain our hands were to our sides!

Last stop, one more beach with a huge shopping area for tourist! There was no riding past the parking though…shucks!



The beach our last stop, then onto the highway, back around the bend and to the shop.  Our trip was three or four hours of riding.  We had a blast!

If you are ever in Punta Cana, I want to recommend Fun Scooter Times.  Their customer service is what made me want to rent from them.  Their manner is welcoming, and fun!  They are there to help make your trip to the island, a memorable and fun one!  Tony, Edwin and Lady are there to bring a smile to you, a mile wide!  They will go above and beyond to get you what you need!

Fun Scooter Times is a startup business.  Just in the last four months.  I wish them well in their new adventure! Yes, they have motorcycles, not just scooters and they have plans to bring in a few bigger bikes too.

Stop by…you won’t be sorry!  Tell them LA sent you!  They are located at   Cabeza del Toro, Plaza Artesanal #17 Frente a Be-Live Hotel                                      +1(829)550-6541  and www.funscootertours.com (website is under construction)




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