What If…You Fly

Cards arriving in heaps and bounds, my box has something in it usually every day.  Not just bills, but a note to say someone out there is thinking of me.  Something I am not very used to having.  With today’s arrival, a single envelope sat in my mail tin. As I reached for it, I knew that it was something I had to open right away.

Christmas cards are expected this time of year, but when they don’t normally come to your house, you’re filled with joy that is boundless.  The particular card had a message, not just one of wishing me happiness and cheer and a Merry Season, but…a profound one…one I needed to hear.    The message, ” There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky.  And you ask, what if I fall?…  Oh but darling, what if you fly!”  This spoke multitudes!  Isn’t it amazing how these types of messages of hope, of encouragement, come just in time.  Not always in our time, but just in time?

What am I afraid of?  Am I afraid of embarrassing myself for yet another failure?  What am I waiting for?  Because I am afraid?  What happens if I succeed?  What happens if I was always going to succeed and yet I failed to try, so I never actually succeeded, or tried?

Now is the time!  What are you afraid of?  What am I afraid of?  Cause what if you fly?  I know easier said than done, but really is it?  Isn’t it just not wanting it enough?  Now is the time!  Go Fly!

(Thank you Lisa!  Your words of encouragement got to me, just in time!)


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