The Road Ahead

We all start out in life in the same place.  What happens after we are born helps to determine how we view the world.  What physically, emotionally and spiritually happens to us, determines how we will place ourselves into that world that we see.

Each day is unto itself, because each moment is distinct and separate.

I started out on the road with Beauty on a nice fall day.  The temperature was actually good, not too cold, brisk, but not overly.  It was the 2nd of October and I was to be gone through out to the end of December.   It was the first day of a seven-day ride to Florida from British Columbia.  I was meeting with the first of many ladies that were to become very important in my life as we know it.

Have you ever noticed when your going on a holiday or just traveling, the stuff the inundates you with annoyance on a daily basis, just isn’t even an issue anymore?  The road ahead of me was full of ignorant drivers, both in cars and trucks, but, I was good…I took my time, didn’t care of my schedule and went with it.

As I met with D., the first of many ladies, I felt a kind of kinship, a sisterhood if you will!  We hadn’t known much about each other but from little snippets on Facebook.  As we said goodbye after a short but great meeting, my heart warmed and I knew that this was different, that this was the way sisterhood is supposed to be. Acceptance, understanding, all without words.  All without needing the garbage or the intricate details of ones’ life.  It just was.

As I pulled farther and farther up ahead of D. on the road, as she was heading back to her work site, I looked forward to meeting the next wind sister with much anticipation!

I had been on many trips alone, but not long ones, not like this.  For me, I needed to know if I could face the road alone, the challenges it might bring.  Whether when I get off my bike, there will not be another around for comradery, if I will be ok with it.  Honestly, riding solo, is one of the greatest feelings there are.  When my feet hit the pavement, I wasn’t so sure, and I still am not so sure.  If you need the time to yourself, it might be different, if you’re not used to it, it might grow on you.  This was temporary, until I got back on the bike…I was truly alone.

My first night in a motel on this trip was a good one.  Nice hot shower and a warm bed and I was up bright and early, even before the sun decided to show its face.  Packing my bike back and forth I got the feeling that I would make sure I mastered a quick get away each and everyday.  As I was riding along, I loved being on the road that early, not too many other vehicles to have to deal with.  As I came up a hill with a slight bend in it…I could see the sun peaking up at the horizon, and I decided, it was perfect…the perfect shot of why I ride. I do believe I captured it just as it was meant to be seen by all riders.  The virtue of the day enveloping Beauty and myself into its arms as if to say, stay with me…I am here with you.  It was, breathtaking.

As the day went by…as several went by…the riding became just the thing that I couldn’t do without.  I tried challenging myself as to try to ride a little longer each day.  As I was going, I was already loosing an hour each time I changed time zones, so the farther I could push myself, without exhaustion the easier it came to put more and more challenges in place. I even threw in personal challenges to take everything as it came, no forecasting, no expecting, just accepting.

Just accepting…this would be more of a challenge than I thought, as time went on with my journey from what I set out to take, as to the journey I was meant to take.

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