My formula To Ride

How do you prepare to ride?  I know lots of people who put their clothes on, boots on, helmets on and are off.  But I am so much more complicated than that.  Ok, I am a girl at heart, even though I try my best to be as tough as I can, I like certain things…and so…this is my formula.

Of course every day starts out with my shower…but if I am riding, I take extra care with my hair.  Just a side note here, every day I ride, so this is just my morning routine pretty much.  I put Morrocan oil in my hair.  It’s a name brand of Curl Cream that I use.  It’s thick and helps keep my hair very healthy, especially since when I wear a pony tail, or let my hair go, it gets the wind look as a result.

Next, my face cream has SPF in it.  SPF on a bike is important, even when you think there is no sun, there is always enough sun to give you a sunburn if you are not careful, especially if you wear a beanie instead of a full face helmet. I also make sure my cream is thick as I wear that beanie, I don’t want wind burn.  That hurts! My cream is never greasy but it’s all I wear on my face, I don’t do cover-up or skin coloured bb cream.  I do my lashes with tubes, as I do not like smears on my face and without mascara, you don’t see I own eyelashes…LOL Tubes are the best invention! No smudge and comes off by soaking your eyes with water for 2 seconds and removing with fingers…no soap, no makeup remover needed!

Lip balm…oh never leave home without it. It’s resident in every vest, sweatshirt, and jacket I own! Ok, I also carry Jezebel (the color) lipstick as well! I love those lips shining in the sun!

When I gear up…my winter routine is Motley tube, or any head tube …lots of different brands, mostly all the same.  It’s a tube you can wear many different ways!  I place on my head so my helmet fits snug, not to tight, but snug enough, (I have a little head!).  I wear it as a head band, it’s also great as it holds my ear buds in place.  Yep, I am one of those gals that ear buds don’t fit well.  Best thing about these tubes, they pretty much guarantee no helmet hair when you are off your bike!  It’s my go to hair piece, I do not leave home without it!  Of course my bike is prepared with other head-gear if I am needing it…nicely packed in left saddle bag.  So, I use two motley tubes, one for my headband, the other for my neck this is how I keep warm or cold days.

My other go to…is leggings, or Scampa Wear.  Under my jeans I always wear leggings, it gives you the extra warmth in the winter time.  Depending on the weather, leather chaps or leather pants.  My chaps are womans chaps because I like that not box look of unisex chaps.  My leather pants are FXRG from HD leather pants.  To me, these are awesome pants, they have armour in them that you can leave in or take out.  They are water proof, warm in the winter!

I have a heated vest I put on over my shirt.  I do not prefer the heated liner as I do not need my arms heated, just my core, although I have both.  I then put on a sweatshirt.  Then I grab my riding jacket, and on it goes. I prefer leather, as it’s the most protection you will get out of any gear, cowhide, it’s the best!

Oh gee, forgot the boots!  So, if it’s colder, I have heated insoles you can put in any boot…if not, I just put the boots on.  Motorcycle boots are a must.  I know lots of people who say no, you can get away with any boot.  Yep, you can, till you go down, then your ankle will suffer, so, it’s up to you to do your own preventative measures.  I use a certified motorcycle boot as they are made different from just your typical boot.  They are made with cowhide, they are made with thicker leather, and they have certified sole that prevents slippage in oil, sand, water and acid.  My go to favorite, is the Road Captain from Milwaukee Boots. I used to sell them in my store and it was the best seller that came with a two-year manufacture warranty and patent flex sole!

Ok, got the jacket on, now I plug all my gear in as in the winter, I am heated!  I have my heated soles in my boots, I have heated gloves and my heated vest.  Someday, I will have that heated seat!  LOL.  Then I get my sunglasses or yellow safeties on depending on the day, and put that helmet on.  Turn on my tunes and I am off. I always keep extra gear in my bags, I am one of those prepared riders!  Extra gloves, extra head-gear, extra Balaclava.

I get asked each time I ride in the cold if I am cold.  No, I am not!  Never, yes sometimes it’s chilly out, but I do not get cold.  I prepare, and I ride safe because I prepare ahead of time.  So when I am that crazy lady on the highway you are passing or that rather is passing you at high winds, I am having the time of my life!  It’s about the ride baby, and nothing is gonna stop me!

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